1. This part assumes you have UE4SS installed and working for your game already. If not, refer to the installation guide.

  2. After building, you will have the following file:

    • MyAwesomeMod.dll in MyMods\Output\MyAwesomeMod\Release
  3. Navigate over to your game's executable folder and open the Mods folder. Here we'll do a couple things:

    • Create a folder structure in Mods that looks like MyAwesomeMod\dlls.
    • Move MyAwesomeMod.dll inside the dlls folder and rename it to main.dll.

The result should look like:

  1. To enable loading of your mod in-game you will have to edit the mods.txt located in the Mods folder. By default it looks something like this:
CheatManagerEnablerMod : 1
ActorDumperMod : 0
ConsoleCommandsMod : 1
ConsoleEnablerMod : 1
SplitScreenMod : 0
LineTraceMod : 1
BPModLoaderMod : 1
jsbLuaProfilerMod : 0

; Built-in keybinds, do not move up!
Keybinds : 1

Here you will want to add the line:

MyAwesomeMod : 1

above the keybinds to enable MyAwesomeMod.

Alternatively, place an empty text file named enabled.txt inside of the MyAwesomeMod folder. This method is not recommended because it does not allow load ordering
and bypasses mods.txt, but may allow for easier installation by end users.

  1. Launch your game and if everything was done correctly, you should see the text "MyAwesomeMod says hello" highlighted in blue somewhere at the top of UE4SS console.