Finds the first specified number of objects by class name or short object name.

To find all objects that match your criteria, set param 1 to 0 or nil.


1integerThe number of objects to find
1string|FName|nilThe short name of the class of the object
2string|FName|nilThe short name of the object itself
3EObjectFlagsAny flags that the object cannot have. Uses | as a seperator
4EObjectFlagsAny flags that the object must have. Uses | as a seperator
6boolWhether to require an exact match with the UClass parameter

Return Value

#TypeSub TypeInformation
1tableUObjectThe derivative of the UObject


local Object = FindObjects(4, "SceneComponent", "TransformComponent0", EObjectFlags.RF_NoFlags, EObjectFlags.RF_ClassDefaultObject, true)

for _, Object in pairs(Objects) do
    -- Do something with Object