The RegisterCustomProperty function is used to register custom properties for use just as if it were a reflected native or BP property.

This is an advanced function that's used to add support for non-reflected properties in the __index metamethod in multiple metatables.


#TypeSub TypeInformation
1tableCustomPropertyInfoA table containing all of the required information for registering a custom property


Registers a custom property with the name MySimpleCustomProperty that accesses whatever data is at offset 0xF40 in any instance of class Character as if it was an IntProperty.

It then grabs that value of the first instance of the class Character as an example of how the system works.

    ["Name"] = "MySimpleCustomProperty",
    ["Type"] = PropertyTypes.IntProperty,
    ["BelongsToClass"] = "/Script/Engine.Character"
    ["OffsetInternal"] = 0xF40

local CharacterInstance = FindFirstOf("Character")
if CharacterInstance:IsValid() then
    local MySimplePropertyValue = CharacterInstance.MySimpleCustomProperty